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About us

Afribat provides lead acid battery analysis, optimisation, monitoring and management services to a wide variety of clients and industries.

Our ecologically sound practices consistently achieve unparalleled success – helping our clients reduce risk, wasted time, fruitless expenditure and carbon footprint.

We strive to unlock client value through our comprehensive portfolio of technology, services and people.


We are committed to delivering sustainable value while positively impacting our clients’ business and our world.


are you paying for battery capacity you do not own?


are you only getting 5 years out of a 10 year battery?


are you dumping 50% of your asset value?


are you living with immeasurable risk?

Our services

ElectroChemical analysis

Accurate results delivered in seconds using the only handheld, multi-frequency Electro Chemical battery analysers on the market using CELScan™ technology.


Restore lead acid batteries back up to 100% of original capacity by removing crystalised lead sulfate build up from the internal plates.


Data from our technologies – analysed and presented – is valuable in determining strategies associated with your battery ecosystem.

Continuous monitoring

Wireless monitoring of individual batteries, reporting into our cloud based management software for 24/7 peace of mind. 

Management software

Intelligent battery management software suite for monitoring and managing your battery ecosystem.

ProActive maintenance

Bespoke services designed to deliver the best possible value – ensuring capacity, stability and lifespan.

Site assessment

An all-inclusive inspection and documentation of your power environment provides you with a better understanding of your battery ecosystem.

State of Health assessment

A complete assessment of each individual battery delivers a comprehensive view into the immediate state of health of your battery ecosystem.

Load testing

Ad Hoc testing service with individual battery voltage sensors or remote testing  service as part of a ProActive Maintenance service.


Battery bank balancing following replacement or reconditioning is critical to maintain overall health.


We partner with recycling experts who uphold the same ideologies to environmental protection as we do.


… discarding your batteries prematurely!
… discarding salvageable batteries!


… harmful charging practices!
… harmful usage practices!
… unbalanced electrolyte!
… faulty connector cables!
… inefficient maintenance regimes!

Our industries

Lead acid batteries are the simplest, most economical and most convenient source of stored energy. They retain their relevance across multiple industries due to a number of factors, including voltage stability and low cost per ampere hour.

Standby power
Standby power batteries are available in various technologies and are designed for the operation of critical energy consuming systems where power is necessary only on a standby or emergency basis. As such, standby batteries are infrequently discharged and remain on a continuous float charge until needed. Click here to find out more about Standby Power Market Realities
Data centre
Utility & Power
Motive power
Motive power batteries are used in off-road applications where stored battery energy is used to produce motion. Electric motors driven by battery require high currents for long periods and thus the batteries must be able to sustain prolonged and deep discharges followed by deep recharges, usually on a daily basis. Click here to find out more about Motive Power Market Realities
Material handling
Golf cart


At Afribat, we are committed to keeping our families and your families safe whilst continuing to deliver excellent support services to our clients.

We fully support all measures announced by our government to curb the spread of COVID in South Africa and have aligned our policies and protocols to ensure that we are in full compliance with Covid guidelines. Under instruction of our consulting microbiologist, we have sourced SABS approved QAC (Quaternary ammonium compound) sanitisers for use along with our PPE to sanitise and keep our own and our client’s business environments safe.

Get official COVID-19 updates from the South African Government here.